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~I waited more than 6 months~

I started working my dream job and then decided I was bored and needed a second job. I saved all my funds from the second job and only lived off the income that I received from my first job.

If you are unable to have a second job at this time, it may take you a few months to work on being a month ahead on bills, which is what this article is about. An example can be seen below:

Let’s say that you work a minimum wage job and the state that you live in has not increased minimum wage to $15/hour. *coughs*Alabama

$8/hour -> $8.00*40 -> 320-6-7% for taxes each pay period -> gross income (w/o taxes)4x=1203.20

What you just saw was an approximate amount of what one makes per month with a minimum wage income.

NOW…to the expenses…bare minimum necessary expenses (i.e. BILLS)

Income ————> 1203.20/1200

I like even numbers

Expenses (monthly) Cost (monthly)

Tithe & Offering (TTH) 120

Home 800

Utilities 200

Money is already gone Should I keep going?? OK

Insurance ARM

Please don’t have a car note LEG

credit card debt KIDNEY



I hope you received a little humor from that explanation and I am praying for a better situation for you soon and very soon.

Please allow me to express some suggested steps for you to take if you would like to not live paycheck to paycheck;


Offer some encouragement to keep going when you want to quit/self-sabotage

  1. Please remember that you ARE DOING YOUR BEST! BE PROUD OF YOU!!! I know I'm proud of you!

  2. Please write down all of your expenses

  3. Please evaluate your work situation (i.e. replacing job 1 or adding a convenient job 2)

    1. having 2 stressful jobs to make end’s meet, is not worth sacrificing your mental/physical health

    2. For Christians “Cast your cares on Christ” for Non-Christian’s “Meditate, Pray, Send and Receive good vibes”

  4. Please think about what you can sacrifice (subscriptions, trips, salon appointments, new clothes)

  5. Please, write down how much money you have left after you have gotten rid of the “extra” expenses

  6. Do your research and create a job for yourself and others. (You the Captain, now!)

  7. If all else fails, and I mean ALL ELSE take out a loan and go back to school (trade school not a 4 year college unless you plan on staying for a master’s and/or doctorate degree), IN MY PERSONAL OPINION.

I want to encourage you to not rush this process and please find your “why” as to the reason you are choosing to read the information in this series and begin a practical financial journey. Enjoy it and be proud!

You are taking some monumental, note-worthy steps to financial freedom. YOU CAN DO THIS, I KNOW YOU CAN!!

Peace and Blessings,


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