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Financial Literacy

You can improve the quality of life that you have by staying within the budget that has been set for you or that you have set for yourself.

1. Do you feel like you have more month than money?

ii. are you struggling to have your

life essentials (home, transportation, shelter, and food)

  as well as your

wants (gifts for yourself/others, vacations, or splurge items) met week to week or month to month?

iii. Do you need help making the right decisions financially but cannot afford a

certified/trained financial advisor (charges a fixed fee of $1000-$3000)?

1v. would you like help from a person who has made her credit score jump 100 points over the course of 1 year?

v. Would you like help for a fraction of the cost of what a certified/trained financial advisor charges?

If your answer is, yes, to any of these questions feel free to schedule an appointment with me!

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