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~How I budget my funds (1 Month Ahead)~

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

You’re not getting any of that introduction filler information here. Instead you just read the disclaimer. Now let’s start LEARNING THROUGH CONVERSATION!

Depending on what funds have been earned in the previous month, that is what I use from the money received to pay bills in the next month.

These are NOT hypothetical numbers, people! I earned income in July to pay bills in August. This is my NET INCOME. (NET = after taxes income)

(Not to distract you, but if you are wondering how I began this journey, click on the word July and it will take you to that explanation)

<Here are the numbers>

Monthly earned Income: 2000.00

Monthly Expenses:

bills+debt+spending+amount left in checking =2000.00

SUGGESTION FOLLOWS: Some bills vary, so budget over what is expected to be paid for that bill and please save it. Don’t spend it. Unless you are spending it on another bill/debt that you have. Example continues below:

Monthly expenses:

I put the expenses in order of priority, and then by amount/time that the bill is due.

Feel free to put the date by the expense, that may help you keep up with when it needs to be paid.

Expense (monthly) Cost (monthly)

Tithe & Offering (TTH) 200

BMW (CAR) 470

Credit Card1 (CC1) 60-800

Subscriptions 250

student loans (STLN) 150

IRA (IRA) 100

Offering 25

Ch.Acct Fee 10

Credit Card2 (CC2) 220

Food 100

Gas 30

Monthly Total 1615-2000

$2000 <-Earned Income from the previous month

*Depending on how much I would like to put towards each debt allows the expenses to fluctuate*


Pay: 470+795=1270 <-amounts of the expenses that will be paid the first Friday of the month

Pay: BMW CC1=1265 <-abbreviated expenses that will be paid the first Friday of the month

AutoPay: 200+250+150+100+25+10= 735 <-amounts of expenses that are on autopay

Autopay: TTH+ SUB+STL +IRA+OF+CF =735 <-abbreviated expenses that are on autopay

Total ======2000 Left ==0 <-total amount of expenses and what funds are left to be allocated

If you would like to schedule a consultation about your ideal budget:

Please don't hesitate to reach out by posting your email address below and I will be happy to contact you.

I hope that this information helps!

Peace and Blessings


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