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TACKLING THE DEBT (my 5 year plan)

You’re not getting any of that introduction filler information here. Instead you just read the disclaimer. Now let’s start LEARNING THROUGH CONVERSATION!

woooooo…… DOOMSYEAR has been just that, A year, so far...

I have had a lot of time to sit down and plan some "debt decreasing" goals for myself.

I hope that this information about my goals helps you!

The expenses that you will see repeatedly are

Expenses: Monthly expenses + Credit Card 1 + Car + Student Loans + spending amount (will be divided by 4 weeks) = Budget Income(~2000.00 )

July-November 2020


December 2020 (last credit card payment and increase car payment)


January-June 2021 (increase car payment)


July 2021 (last car payment and increased student loan payment)


August 2021-May 2025


AND THAT, Dudes and Dudettes, is the “Debt Knockout”goal.

Please feel free to share your "debt decrease" goals with me down below or on the different social media accounts.

Peace and Blessings,


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