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Take the Risk (5)

***You’re not getting any of that introduction filler information here. Instead you just read the disclaimer. Now let’s start LEARNING THROUGH CONVERSATION!

**This series is comprised of 2 takes:

“What I thought would happen” VS “What actually happened”

This content is RAW and FRESH as the process goes...

What I thought would happen: || My step 4: pay for the domain I like.

What actually happened: || 8/24/2020 6:23 pm Nothing has happened yet because I need to increase my funds a bit more in order to pay for the yearly/monthly fee of a business account via wix, but I’ll get there.

Right now: https://mandsilllc.wixsite.com/jdac , is the name of my website, which isn’t bad at all; but, www.masillllc.com is what I want. 8/24/2020 7:09 I paid for the domain name and not for the business account, mainly because I wanted to go ahead and add my website to adsense and NOW I can do that.

Also, it’s trying to upset me on a damn mailbox. You better send me some snail mail, or feel free to email me directly at mandsilllc@gmail.com ! :D

It is time to get back to work and writing! I hope you are excited for the next series. It would be great for us to get to know each other a little better! TTYS

Peace and blessings,


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