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Take the risk (1)

***You’re not getting any of that introduction filler information here. Instead you just read the disclaimer. Now let’s start LEARNING THROUGH CONVERSATION!

**This series is comprised of 2 takes:

“What I thought would happen” VS “What actually happened”

This content is RAW and FRESH as the process goes...

I am starting my own business


I looked on the trademark website to make sure no-one had my name

AND low and f****in behold,

EVERYBODY had my go**d****ned name

I finally found the variation that I liked and will stick with

oh yeah it’s trademarked, too


What I thought would happen:

My step 1 (kinda step 2 because of the trademark research):

created an email similar to the name of the business.

I am praying that it does not throw anyone off when contacting me.

What actually happened:

So I go onto the Alabama.gov website and click to download a form to register a business and once I fill in the lines. After that I planned on mailing the forms in to register the business. Then I get to the end of ‘said form’ and realize that there's an online service available. So, instead of wasting my time typing in everything on the form I quickly went to the website and I filled out the virtual electronic form...

Then I hit another snag.

The snag is that Jefferson county does not have an online service for filing a business. Boo hoo hoo. Now, I'm trying to figure out what is going on as far as getting an Alabama registered agent because I don't want my personal information on the Internet as an Alabama registered agent. So, I am talking to the family attorney and asking if they want to be the Alabama registered agent for my business, but waiting on a response is difficult because I am inpatient; and, I really want to give them an hour but I also just want all my legal stuff handled.


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