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Letters to myself: 15

Dear JAC,

I’m so proud of you! I know it’s tough right now, but you have to remember that something good happened today. Also, the guy that is coming into your life serves a purpose for your later self to tell one hell of a story. It will be a difficult two years because of your lack of self-confidence and because you didn’t know how to say NO before, ONCE AGAIN, it’s a bit difficult to say “no” now. No one prepared you for this, but you understand your limits and when you reach it, “DON’T LOOK BACK, NO MATTER WHAT”! Don’t look back! You’re better off without friends and boyfriends that do not deserve your loyalty. It is OK! The next few years will be difficult because of the same reasons aforementioned. It’ll make you better! You will rise and be successful despite the lack of people that support you properly. You support you! When you lose best friends in more ways than one. You hold you up. Your mother always says “One man is not an island”, although that’s what you feel. You will learn to close yourself off, but only do that briefly, process your feelings and learn to open up and reinvest your time in people. Remember your value is not wrapped up in your talent, what others do for you/to you or what you do for others , but your value is based on who you are and the character/integrity that you have! You got this!

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