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Letters to myself: 28

Dear JAC,

I am so proud of you! You started something that you finally can’t put down. I’m so happy that things are unfolding for you, the way that they should be! You are happier and healthier because YOU CHOSE to be happier and healthier. Don’t look back and think that you wished you knew this sooner, just know that it happened when it was supposed to. I am so excited for you. No matter what happens in the years to come, you understand more than a few things about yourself and the way life works.

  1. Saying “no” is one of the best ways to protect your mental health against family, friends, foes, and acquaintances.

  2. You know you well enough to understand what your worth is and no one can make you feel less than worthy.

  3. Capitalism may be the way of the world but humanity exists because of you and your heart!

  4. The willingness to lead and positively affect others BEATS hate EVERY DAY!

  5. You love yourself enough to let failure be an option. With failure comes the opportunity to learn more and do things better.

Remember, the character and integrity that you have emits maturity that is infectious to people. You have this!

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