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Letters to myself: 21

Dear JAC,

I am so proud of you! You feel free! You feel like your best self and you just know that it’s only up from here! You are right (kinda). JUST REMEMBER this feeling! Soak it in and put this feeling in a jar on your shelf and save some for later because YOU ARE gonna need it. Next year alone will be one of your toughest years. SPOILER ALERT: You make it and you come back even stronger! *Bad bitch gang*!!!! Pace yourself and remember to only do what you love! You love YOU first and let everything else fall in place. Do what is best for you, first. You’re 21, just because you can drink doesn’t mean that you should. When your family suggests or demands that you show up to family gatherings, don’t bring a bottle every time. (We’ll unpack that in therapy later). You may think that it’s fun and it’s only a bottle of wine when you go to the gatherings but remember that it’s not just a bottle. The bottle replaced the jar that I asked you to place on the shelf. It is going to take you a little longer to get ahead of the calamity and deeper feelings that strip bits and pieces away from you, but you will be Restored! Remember your value is not solely based upon your talent, what others do for you, to you, or what you do for others , but your value is based on who you are and the character/integrity that you exhibit! You got this!

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